After Sales

Frequent after-sales enquiries

My enlarger uses a transformer; do I still need this?
Yes. All our timer products simply act as a power on-off switch so whatever you used to plug into the mains, you now plug into the timer’s ‘Enlarger’ socket. The transformer is used to change the high voltage mains supply to a lower voltage for the enlarger lamp.

Can I wire more than one safelight into the timer?
Yes, subject to the provision that the total load on the timer (enlarger plus safelights) must not exceed the rated maximum stated on the rear panel of the unit.

Can I wall mount the timer?
All units can be mounted vertically or at an angle if required without affecting operation.

The compensation function on my StopClock Vario doesn’t seem to be working
Check that the “Sensor” light is illuminated. In order to activate the compensation function you must first switch the enlarger on using the “Focus” key, and then switch it off again. The “Sensor” light should then be illuminated. In normal printing, this will happen automatically when you compose and focus the image but people often forget to do this when checking the unit out. If the “Sensor” light is not illuminated, the Vario is operating in non-compensating “seconds” mode.