Calibration Kit

What is it?

The Calibration Kit is shipped with all new Analyser Pro and ZoneMaster II products. It is also available to buy for older Analyser Plus and Pro, and ZoneMaster Plus and ZoneMaster II models. (It is not suitable for the original Analyser and ZoneMaster which placed the first reading as a mid-grey rather than as a highlight.)

The kit contains a Stouffer Step Wedge and a print density reference tile, showing optimum highlight and shadow densities compared with paper base white and maximum black. The tile is used to compare the densities on your test strips so that you can set the highlight and shadow endpoints correctly. The test negative is used to establish the contrast range of the paper at each grade.

How is it used?

The calibration procedure is as follows:

  • Make a test strip at the highlight end for each grade setting for your chosen paper.
  • Compare the test strip with the highlight reference tile and choose the exposure setting which is the closest match between them; this establishes whether an exposure correction is required and if so, how much.
  • Enter the exposure corrections into the meter’s calibration table.
  • Contact print the step wedge, or alternatively set up the step wedge in your enlarger, and take a highlight reading from the Step 1 or 2 area. Increase the exposure setting until the right-most (black) LED flashes. Set the enlarger filters, and expose and process a test print.
  • Compare the test print with the shadow reference tile and choose the strip which is the closest match between them. Note the number of that strip.
  • Read the contrast setting from the graph printed in the Calibration Manual, and enter the figures into the meter’s calibration table

How to get one.

The kit is included with all Analysers (from s/n 8001) and ZoneMasters (from s/n 6501), except the Analyser 500 which uses a different system of calibration. If you are an existing customer with an Analyser Plus, Analyser Pro, ZoneMaster Plus or ZoneMaster II, choose the option from the list below. The Calibration Manual is available for download from this web site – choose the complete kit option if you want a printed manual

Please note: there have been three versions of the Calibration Negative, and you must ensure the negative and manual match one another.

  • Original version, Agfa APX25 film – manual v1
  • Version 2, Fuji Acros 100 film – manual v2
  • Version 3, Ilford HP5+ film – manual v3
  • Current version, Stouffer step wedge – manual v5

Please ask if you are in doubt.