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Black and White Enlarging Meter / Timer with Grey Scale Display and built-in Densitometer function
– dedicated to the Ilford Multigrade 500 System

Banish the test strip!

The Analyser 500 is a version of our acclaimed Analyser Pro enlarging meter/timer designed especially to replace the standard control pad of the Ilford Multigrade 500 enlarger head. Connected to the Ilford light source it directly controls exposure time and contrast grade to produce high quality prints without wasting time and paper on making test strips. Please read the Analyser Pro page for a general description of the features and benefits of the Analyser and our unique, patented grey scale display.

Our tests (and customers’ experience) with Pyro and other staining developers indicate that the Analyser can be used with stained negatives in just the same way as with conventional developers. The meter will automatically account for the density of the stain.

The latest version features a new sensor and measurement subsystem which provides much faster response, especially at low light levels, and greater stability with changes in temperature and over time. There’s never been a better time to choose an Analyser 500!

Split-grade printing

The Analyser 500 controls the Ilford light source in a different way to the standard Ilford controller. Instead of varying the relative intensity of the green and blue bulbs to establish contrast grade, two exposures are made, one using the green bulb only and one using the blue bulb only. The relative lengths of each exposure together determine both the total exposure and the contrast grade. Because the characteristics of the Ilford light source are known and consistent, the Analyser 500 requires no initial calibration – you can use it “straight out of the box” – although of course a calibration feature is available for fine tuning and to accommodate different papers and working techniques.

Absolute contrast settings – “Grade 2” is grade 2, whatever paper you use!

A special feature of the Analyser 500 is the contrast grade calibration. Instead of an arbitrary “grade” setting which can give different results with different papers, the Analyser 500’s contrast settings are in ISO(R) units. This means that if you change to a different paper, the Analyser adjusts the blue/green exposure ratio so maintaining the same contrast on the new paper. So you can proof on an inexpensive resin-coated paper, confident in the knowledge that when you switch to a high quality paper for the final print the exposure and contrast will be maintained

Analyser 500 Features and Specifications

  • Timer: 0.1 to 248 seconds, resolution 10ms, f-stop increments of 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/6, 1/12 stop.
  • Bulb warm-up delay and paper reciprocity corrections for long exposure times.
  • Print, pause, resume functions.
  • Burn-in function after initial exposure.
  • Test strips: Incremental and separate test strips centred on displayed exposure time.
  • Meter: 2mm diameter spot meter with 12 stop measuring range.
  • Meter internal resolution is 1/60th stop with exposures calculated to the nearest 1/12th stop.
  • Meter probe can be used as a baseboard densitometer with densities up to log.D 2.5.
  • Display: 4 digit amber display shows time and grade. Grades are shown in half grade steps (except when adjusting the grade setting which is in 0.1 grade steps), times below 10 seconds are to 0.01sec resolution.
  • Greyscale shows 15 print tones from near-white to near-black, effectively covering the ISO(R) range. Up to 8 readings can be shown at the same time.
  • Grade Control: Grade selection in steps of 2 ISO(R), equivalent to 1/10th Grade.
  • Grade setting alters ratio of blue and green light exposures. Exposure is made by sequential blue and green exposures for maximum creative control. Paper calibrations are in ISO units, enabling fixed grade selection between different papers.
  • User Options: Incremental and separate test strips, beeper on/off, display brightness, default paper, default f-stop step-size.
  • Calibration: precalibrated for Ilford Multigrade IV RC and FB, Agfa Multicontrast Premium and Classic, and Kodak Polymax V FB papers, more to come. The characteristics of eight different papers can be stored.
  • A footswitch is available as an optional extra for hands-free operation – see the accessories page.
  • Power requirements: the Analyser 500 derives its power from the Ilford Multigrade 500 Transformer unit, no other power supply is required. Hence the same version can be used on both 115v and 230v systems.
  • Power Handling: Solid State switching of Ilford 500S transformer; green and blue lamps plus safelight
  • Size: Main unit: WHD 200mm x 65mm x 160mm (7.8 x 2.5 x 6.3 inches), Sensor: WHD 80x56x24mm (3.1 x 2.1 x 1 inches) approx. Weight as shipped 1.9kg approx.
  • Full two year guarantee, plus 14 day refund if you are not completely satisfied.

Please note:
This version of the Analyser works only with the Ilford Multigrade 500 enlarger system, it cannot be used with other enlarger types including other Ilford Multigrade systems. Our timers cannot be used with Ilford Multigrade 400 or 600 systems. For “conventional” enlargers, choose an Analyser Pro.


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